• Live Streaming to your smart device- Download the Free App on the iTunes Store or Google Play
  • 720P HD Wide Angle Lens Camera– Allows Full 120 Degree Image Capture
  • Optical Flow Positioning – Allows for a steadier drone to capture those amazing shots!
  • Flying Time 10-12 Minutes Per Battery
  • Charging Time: 120 minutes
  • Control Distance – 250 Feet
  • Control Distance using mobile device – 160 Feet
  • Controller Require 4 AA Batteries
  • 3.7V 850Mah Battery

Fly steadier and higher than ever before. The new S-11 HD Live Streaming Drone features some of the newest technology out there. Multiple sensors on the underside of this drone are scanning the ground below the drone hundreds of times a minute to ensure the drone is flying level and steady! Taking your hands off the throttle puts this drone into Auto Hover for hand free flying. When you’re all done flying, fold up your drone for quick and easy transport.

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